Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer support is a special concern to our team. Therefore, frequently asked questions about AstroKalb and its products can be found here. 

Feel free to send an email to Afterwards we will send you the required specifications as soon as possible. Please note that we need the exact product identification number (item number on your order) in order to send you the correct documents.

You can buy our products from industrial companies and their stores, gastro-wholesalers, selected butcheries, from cash & carry companies or from wholesale pick-up companies.

Currently, no vacancies are released. Nevertheless, feel free to apply to

All nutritional values can be found in our product specifications. Otherwise, feel free to write an email and we will send you all information about it.

Currently, we do not offer an online shop. Our products are mainly sold to wholesalers and can be bought there. Otherwise, feel free to contact us directly at

The pre-order time depends on the item. In order for us to meet your desires, please send us your order two working days in advance. For larger quantities, the availability must be checked. The best thing to do is to call us or to ask our team.

Our meat products are very sensitive and the cold chain is essential for quality and shelf life. Therefore, our products are non-returnable. For quality issues that you notice immediately after your purchase, please complain directly to the wholesaler. We certainly aim to keep quality standards as high as possible.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at + 43 2276-21287 or at Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 7am to 4pm and Friday from 7 am to 12 am (except Sundays and public holidays).

All of our products have a best before date.

That means that all goods have a shelf life until a certain date and should have meat related characteristics e. g. appearance, taste or smell. The goods are safe to consume but we recommend to check the visual appearance and smell of the meat before consuming it. Please consider that the specified storage temperature is 0-3 ° C. Therefore, most of our products can still be consumed after the best before date.

If you see signs of spoilage, we do not recommend the consumption.

Due to consistent and preselected goods our products are of high standards. In addition to quality requirements such as freshness and cutting, the fat content and colour of the meat are important.

As already mentioned, consistent quality is a special concern for us. We are always trying to meet these requirements. The tenderness and colour of the meat is as unique as the taste and enjoyment while eating, which is both achieved by controlled feeding and rearing conditions.

Fresh meat should be stored at 0-3 ° C. Please note that the cold chain is critical for durability. Frozen goods should naturally be stored in the freezer.

Die österreichische Küche besitzt eine Vielzahl an hervorragenden Gerichten und eine ausgezeichnete Küche. Zum Glück werden auch Edelteile vom Kalb gerne verwendet, wie etwas beim “Original Wiener Schnitzel”.

Further questions?

We are happy to provide information about our products and meat suppliers at any time.

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