Good Reasons for new ecological paths

Kalb rosé Austria - Only the best is good enough!

The new Austrian premium product Kalb rosé Austria, with the AMA-quality-seal,  stands for a guaranteed, resource-saving, regional taste variety. It is a special project created out of the responsibility towards animals, for regionality and a vision for the future in agriculture. This quality veal program was launched to create unique enjoyment values, to inspire the country’s chefs and to redefine veal dishes for the local gastronomy.

Sustainability for Austria

Due to the premium product AMA-quality-seal Kalb rosé Austria, it is possible to reduce the number of animal transports and veal imports, in the interests of sustainability and animal welfare. This veal stands for local top quality and seamless origins from breeding, through masting until slaughter – 100% in Austria. The developed quality meat program Kalb rosé Austria with the AMA-quality-seal has unprecedented ecological values. It can be used excellently in Austrian cuisine, has enormous potential and is an absolutely new culinary delicacy for the guests.

Out of responsibility towards the animals and the consumers! 

Fair prices for producers and consumers

The premium product Kalb rosé Austria with the AMA-quality-seal is produced with only the highest quality standards in local origin for conscious and critical consumers. The fair production conditions for farmers and animals, which are constantly monitored and secured by AMA, ensure additional well-being on the producer side. On the consumer side, the top product can be characterized as fair and affordable to ensure consumers happiness.

A premium product with fair and affordable prices!

A completely new experience around meat

The AMA-quality-seal Kalb rosé Austria was developed to inspire the chefs of this country and to redefine veal dishes in Austria. It delivers new possibilities of differentiation on the menu as well as a particularly high-quality, culinary experience for the guests. The elegant, spicy characteristics of this special meat quality allow very uncomplicated handling despite its complex composition. This outstanding quality is achieved through the special keeping and feeding of the animals, according to guidelines of the AMA-quality-seal with a sophisticated, nutritious feed mixture.

Local taste, at the highest level!

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More space and ethical husbandry guaranteed

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From Austria, for Austria

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Unique taste and fabulous preparation options


The ARGE Rind was founded as an umbrella organization to coordinate the seven regional cattle producer groups, in the federal states of Austria. It helped at the same time to establish an interest group for beef producers in the country. The focus of the working group lays on animal welfare, regionality and quality. The latest project of the ARGE Rind is the very successful quality meat program AM-quality-seal Kalb rosé Austria. With it, ARGE Rind has succeeded in reducing animal transports and stimulating the Austrian veal market. Thus, ARGE Rind aids in creating new ecological paths by continuing to rely on the AMA-quality-seal, which is one of the central elements in quality assurance in Austria.

Find out more about the premium product Kalb rosé Austria with the AMA-quality-seal in the German-speaking ARGE Rind brochure.